The Vraja Institute focuses particularly on the diverse cultural expressions representative of the region.

The Institute's mission is to educate students and scholars on the various forms of traditions prominent in Vraja and in doing so, support the preservation of these knowledge systems. In order to accomplish its mission, Vraja Institute supports a range of programs and initiatives. Formal courses and independent studies are taught in English and Hindi.

Academic courses

Degree programs and short-term study.

Research grants

For manuscript excavation and translation.

Book publication

Publishes books and preserves manuscripts.

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Resident Faculty

Dr. Satyanarayana Dasa is the Founder of the Vraja Institute and holds a Ph.D. in Sanskrit from Agra University. Dr. Jan Brzezinski received a Ph.D. in Sanskrit Literature from the University of London.


Vraja Institute has two student dormitories and a big dinning space with natural heating. There is an extensive library and ample common areas for private and group study. Students can relax in the garden or on the rooftops.


Translations and original commentaries on Sanskrit texts. Vraja Institute publishes work by its faculty and visiting scholars. We accept proposals for new publications.


Formal partnerships with universities in the United States and India. Affiliated with Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey, as well as Sampurnananda Sanskrit University in Benaras.

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Vraja Institute is the educational organization for scholarship in the region.